Deodorant Subscription

Deodorant Subscription

11.50 every 2 months

Sign up to have your favorite deodorant delivered straight to your door every 8 weeks. Convenient and easy, with shipping, you’ll pay the same as if you bought it in a store. Of course, we always encourage our customers to shop Mender in their favorite shops first but hope this is a great solution for all of you who love our deodorant but don’t live near one of our stockists.

10mg full spectrum hemp-extracted CBD

Our Deodorant has been tested and praised by yogis, hikers, builders, dancers, athletes and drummers, proving to be the best natural deodorant available for people who live in their bodies.

  • Soft organic shea butter and coconut oil provide smooth, even, long-lasting coverage of up to 12 hours—a quick rub-in after application avoids shea butter “pilling” if you prefer a heavier application

  • Natural antibacterial elements found in full spectrum hemp CBD to help fight odor and support your endocannabinoid system

  • Arrowroot works as a natural antiperspirant—100% chemical-free

  • Baking soda paired with magnesium team up to create a balanced pH to avoid “alkaline burn” rashes that baking soda alone can cause

  • Organic essential oils of vanilla, rosemary, and grapefruit detoxify and harmonize with your natural scent while calming skin irritations due to shaving or chafing

  • No "transition time" from your store-bought deodorant Read why

  • Organic ingredients and no artificial preservatives

  • We use only hemp-derived CBD, our products contain 0% THC

  • Zero aluminum, zero phenoxyethanol, zero hydrogenated oils or processed waxes, zero isopropyl myristate or other propane derivatives

  • Minimal, recyclable packaging

NOTE: Our deodorant is 100% natural in every way, so it changes texture depending on the season. Please be sure snag your package out of the sun as soon as you can once it arrives, and if it is too soft for your liking, pop it in the fridge standing upright and then store in a cool spot in your bathroom where it will keep its silky texture. Extra cold weather may cause surface texture changes—but never worry, we inspect each batch before it goes out for quality assurance.



Ok Mender! Bravo on the deodorant! #convinced
Menlo Park, CA

I bought the deodorant based on a recommendation and it did not disappoint!! I am in nursing school and this is the only natural deodorant that lasts a full 12 hour clinical day! It smells delicious and goes on smooth! I love it!
San Clemente, CA

I’ve struggled to find a natural deodorant that feels comfortable and works properly. The first day I tried Mender’s CBD deodorant, I still felt fresh even after temperatures rose during a mid-day stroll in LA. It goes on silky smooth, isn’t sticky or gunky from build-up, blocks odor, and is toxin free. I honestly can’t imagine life without it now.
- My CBD Diary
Los Angeles, CA

By far the best deodorant (natural or commercial) I’ve ever had.
- Brian
Fairfax, VA

Thank you for the handwritten note and my new favorite daily CBD underarm formula. You've got good stuff here…I have tried other CBD underarm products, one from my local vendor in my hometown, and have still decided to make the switch.
- Drew
Carlsbad, CA

Your natural deodorant is one of a kind. I had not until this product been able to find a natural deodorant that works.
Campbell, CA

I love, love, love your deodorant! I like the roll on container, very fast and easy to use, it does not give me a rash and lasts ALL day. I was using another brand of natural deodorant and it gave me a bad rash under my arms. I used the same brand but went to their sensitive deodorant, it didn’t give me a rash but it also didn’t work. I will be a life time user of your deodorant!
Santa Barbara, CA

Read more about our all-natural deodorant at MJ Lifestyle.

The Mender Apothecary Body Essentials Collection contains a terpene-rich profile derived from organic essential oils, fresh botanicals and clean full-spectrum triple tested CBD. Extracted in California by industry professionals in a state-of-the-art facility using a solvent-free CO2 process our CBD is manufactured by one of 13 companies to pass the stringent standards set forth for Certification by the US Hemp Authority.

From non-GMO hemp expertly grown free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, we ensure the purity of our CBD by reviewing each batch testing certificate. We also have our products tested again by a certified lab in California after formulation to ensure purity, potency and safety. More useful information here >

coconut oil,* arrowroot,* cocoa butter,* sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, beeswax,* Shea butter,* 10mg full spectrum hemp CBD,** 100% essential oils* of grapefruit & vanilla, rosemary extract*
*organic **non-GMO, pesticide-free

Apply a thin layer to underarm area and smooth into skin as needed. Lasts up to 12 hours. Please store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Can be refrigerated if a firmer texture is desired. 

For external adult use only, keep out of reach of children and pets, use only as directed, discontinue use if irritation occurs. Store in a cool, dry place.