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MJ Lifestyle
The Shrinking Women of the Cannabis Industry

If you’ve ever read the comments section on any article that discusses women’s lack of representation in the upper echelons of corporate America you’ll quickly find that the topic triggers a knee-jerk reaction amongst the anti-affirmative action set. That said, this article is not for those that feel threatened by the very concept of equity, but for those, like myself, who are looking around and wondering why. Read on >>


MJ Lifestyle
The Secret to Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

I don’t need to convince you to make the switch to all-natural deodorant. You’re already there. It’s time to go au naturel, and you know it. Natural deodorants are trending hard right now but not all are created equal. Read on >>


Well Insiders
The Pink Tax: What It Is + How These Brands Are Leading the Change Against It

These three companies are leading the change & what you can do to help abolish the pink tax . Read on >>


SB Independent
Mender Makes CBD Topicals on the Central Coast

Mender is one Central Coast company exploring that [the CBD] realm. It was recently launched in San Luis Obispo by April Cole Worley, a former wine branding expert who is using what she learned in that industry to raise the profile of cannabis. Read on >>


Oov Lifestyle Interviews April, Mender's Founder

I deeply reject how many businesses say they have systems in place to protect and support employees when often times, these structures create hidden spaces where rudeness and harassment can hide, leaving employees to feel uncared for as humans. Read on >>


Opal Avenue
Brand Spotlight: Mender

Led by April Cole Worley, a marketer who holds a master’s degree in political science and based out of San Luis Obispo, CA, Mender brings non-gendered design thinking and a passion for botanical healing to their line of CBD bodycare. April partnered with Vanessa Pisias, a versed Apothecary and doula who sold her successful natural skincare business to join the company as product director when she began to study the vast health benefits of CBD topicals, and the result is an active, accessible line of CBD bodycare. Read on >>


The Canncierge
on Mender’s “Skin Treats”

Recently, I’ve been on a somewhat challenging mission to rid my cabinets of harmful chemicals and, while at it, point myself in the direction of #cannabeauty. Seeking CBD-rich skincare, I’ve been coveting Mender’s cannabis-centric skin treats and lucky for moi, April, Mender’s badass founder, noticed and blessed me with samples from her line of infused products. Read on >>


Tried, Tested & True

“TRIED & TESTED: The lovely CBD Youth Serum boosts collagen and cell regeneration leaving skin feeling plumper and deeply hydrated with a delightful scent.

TRIED & TESTED: The CBD Body Butter is ultra hydrating and absorbs fast into the skin. Immune boosting vitamins A, E, D & B add extra love to plump skin with a delicious grapefruit, vanilla and rosemary scent.” Read on >>


My CBD Diary Reviews Mender’s CBD Deodorant

I’ve struggled to find a natural deodorant that feels comfortable and works properly. The first day I tried Mender’s CBD deodorant, I still felt fresh even after temperatures rose during a midday stroll in LA. It goes on silky smooth, isn’t sticky or gunky from build-up, blocks odor, and is toxin free. I honestly can’t imagine life without it now. Read on >>